Two Poems of Ananya Chatterjee

    Aananya Chatterjee
    is a bilingual poet from Kolkta. She is a author of 3 books of poems. Her first published book " The Poet And His Valentine" was an Amazon bestseller.


    The sea, in my dream,
    is always a shade of guilty brown
    She knows she has two-timed the beach.
    I return often to her embarrassed shores..
    to wave upon wave..
    to gentle sand-moans..
    The sea has had too many lovers.
    Each lover built a different fortress.
    But they were all of sand.
    The sea has no clue
    why I come back for her.
    But she pretends to understand.
    And sometimes, that is enough
    to keep me going.
    I kiss the trough between her crests
    until she floods her sorrow-land.
    The sea then ebbs from my eye..
    as another night slides off the sky,
    her fingerprints on my salt grey skin..
    leaving me, forever moon-tanned.

    Training to be amnesic

    You don’t remember
    how you were once
    so addicted to darkness.
    The first intrusion of light
    had made you scream
    in horror.
    Yet you embraced the violation,
    abandoned your liquid home
    and its enchanting blackness.
    You don’t remember
    how your earliest act on earth
    was a battle of blood and gore.
    Yet you embraced the violence,
    split your frail mother into
    rivers of foul redness.
    No birth can be nonviolent.
    But you don’t remember any of this.
    Living is all about
    training to forget
    You had been a rebel once.