Two Poems of Neal Hall

    Neal Hall
    Dr. Hall is an ophthalmologist by profession. However, he became an internationally acclaimed award-winning American poet/author of four books of poetry. Nigger For Life chronicles his painful discovery that in “unspoken America” race is the yardstick by which he is first judged, first measured, and diminished value and dignity metered out. He published four books of poems.

    British Teacups and Saucers
    Neal Hall

    in their retreat of India
    the britishers left behind their tea
    their saucers,
    their tempered teapots emptied of tea, their
    small stirring spoons they
    would stir their Indian black tea

    in the retreat of the britishers the
    Indian now sits behind what the
    British left behind, british tea cups,
    their saucers,
    their tempered teapots, their small
    stirring spoons Indians stir India’s
    black tea

    The System We Caste

    a class conscious caste iron brew
    of lotus black coffee grounds, severed along foul malodorous vocations of black:

    untouchable black . . . coarsely
    ground roasted black without the

    tolerable black . . .
    sprinkled just a bit of sweetener

    koshered black . . .
    powdered an artificial sweetener
    to taste just a bit sweeter than it is really is

    sifted, finely filtered percolated black,
    Lotus black . . . room made its
    class conscious cup, for home made
    shades of one percent, two percent less black, made
    less black, poured condensed
    whole white pasteurized moisturizing skin white,

    milked and curdled
    with just a bit of black seen in it . . .
    for it . . . to think it’s . . . India’s superior brown
    medium roast coffee grounds
    brewed a Lotus caste iron coffee pot of
    foul malodorous vocations
    served the lower caste cracked cups of
    untouchable black

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