white bees black bees brown bees

    Subodh Sarkar
    (born 1958, Krishnanagar) is a Bengali poet, writer and editor, and a reader in English literature at City College, Kolkata.[1] He is a recipient of the prestigious Indian Sahitya Akademi Award. He published over 25 books of poems.

    Do you drink apple juice?
    Do you know
    Who grew the apples?
    Then you would drink
    Human tears.

    Do you drink tea in the morning?
    Do you know who
    Grew the tea in the tea gardens ?
    In India
    In China
    In Japan
    In Tibet
    Then you would know
    You are drinking not the tea
    But human tears.

    Each diamond is a human tear.
    Every pearl is a human tear
    Every smile is a human tear
    Diner after diner after diner after lunch after lunch after lunch
    After breakfast after breakfast after breakfast
    Every morsel is a tear.

    We built up small village
    We did not like village
    We built up town
    We did not like town
    We built up city
    We did not like city
    We built up mega city
    We did not like mega city
    We built up satellite
    We built up space
    We built up power stations.

    We created arrow
    We were not happy
    With the arrow.
    We created spear
    We were not happy
    With the spear
    We created revolver
    We were not happy
    With the revolver
    We created AK 47
    We were not happy
    With the AK 47.

    We brought up a son
    The son was good the son was bad the son was betrayer the son was a
    Homosexual the son was a rebel the son was a Maoist in saffron
    The son was a monster the son was a xenophobic at Oval Office.
    We brought up a daughter
    The daughter was good the daughter was bad the daughter a jewel-lifter
    The daughter was a Pakistani spy the daughter was a hibiscus the daughter
    Was a high tech whore sleeps with her father`s enemy.

    Neither the son nor the daughter neither the male nor the female
    Neither this nor that neither yes nor it was no. No No No.

    We created robot.
    The robot is smiling
    the robot is dancing
    the robot is cooking
    The robot is gardening
    the robot is making making making making love with humans
    Humans are not perfections
    Humans are not given
    the best machinery to make love.
    The robot is giving birth to another robot
    Another another another another.
    Still we are not happy with robots.

    You are neither happy
    Nor sad
    You are neither angry
    Nor anguished
    You are neither angelic
    Nor murderous
    You can run away
    But you can not run in.

    We are happy we are delighted we are white bees and black bees
    White bees
    Black bees
    White bees
    Black bees
    Brown bees
    And brown bees
    And blue bees
    And white bees
    And saffron bees.
    We are in a safe comfort zone
    Safe and safe
    Safe and sure
    Safe and sane
    Safe and secure
    This is the safest comfort zone in the world
    When seven countries declare
    We have nuclear bombs. We now have to kill each other 7 times
    7 times we can destroy each other.

    Don’t forget my dear presidents and prime ministers
    We needed one million years
    To grow grass
    Before the world began.

    After the first grass was grown
    I watched dew dew dew a drop
    I took the drop on my finger tip
    To give you, my love
    After millions of years I am still asking you
    Did you get it, my love?