You are lost here

    Goutam Datta
    Goutam is the author of five books of poems; He writes in both English and Bengali . He is the co-editor of African American poetry Anthology Ami Amar Mritur Por Sadhinota Chai Na (I Do Not Want My Freedom When I Am Dead ) with Sunil Gangopadhyay. His works are included in "A Mingling of Waters", an anthology of Bengali and American authors and Rattapallax magazine. Goutam won Jassimuddin Poetry Award(India) in 2005 for Borofay Holood Fool. Sudhindranath Award in 2008, Vashangar Award in 2017. At present, Goutam is working on a webzine Uralpool to create a continuous literary exchange between India & the USA.

    you visit your city realizing you are lost here!
    you hold hands with a tourist whom you just met in a shared uberx,
    you place calls to all numbers in your phonebook like shooting stars,
    some go silent, some vanish in blips, few land in voice mails
    & some flash, blaze, ring, ring.
    as if a silence drops through your ears like a freezing rain drop
    then hits like a burning lead straight into your heart
    which is throbbing so violently.
    this is supposed to be your moment,
    you search for your girl, a lost freckled face, eyes wide like central park
    & you are here only for her!
    she is lost like your city belongs to someone else.
    you are lost like a sinking boat in a vast ocean.
    you both are lost in your own past dreams.
    now you only live through your nightmares
    & NYPDs, they are everywhere searching for something.
    there is a bar still open in grand central,
    It pulls you in like a night woman. this is what you need now,
    a shot of vodka that burns through your chest.
    one young white girl with scream tattoo screaming through her neck
    sips a tall malt beer sitting on the stairs.
    few scattered homeless men & women
    minding their own businesses. here she comes carrying a yellow bagpack
    like a hungry lioness going after her prey.
    A flare, fireworks without a reason, sound of thousand jet engines
    smell of burning skins, flying body parts, flying glasses like
    knives piercing through trust, faith & relationship,
    lands here tonight.
    you start to bleed, you lost your consciousness
    you lost your city forever.