Inbetween Worlds: Story-telling Performance


Event Date:

August 28, 2020

Event Time:

7:00 pm

Event Location:

Inbetween Worlds: Story-telling Performance

We think of stories as living things that breathe and grow with each retelling. ‘Inbetween Worlds’ is a story-telling performance for children and grown-ups alike, which re-imagines fictions and fables we inherited from the works of Abanindranath Tagore, Gaganendranath Tagore and Sunayani Devi. Conducted by ThinkArts, the event is part of the experience of ‘An Inheritance of Imaginations,’ an online exhibition by Victoria Memorial Hall, Kolkata, and DAG Museum.

Join us for an evening of fables based on these artworks, re-imagined and performed by story-tellers, Nisha Abdulla, Santanil Ganguly and Arna Seal. The performances are integrated with responses of children, from ages 8 to 12, to these great artists from our previous workshop, ‘Reading Between the Brushstrokes,’ which offers us a wonderful insight into how the stories carry new meanings for different readerships.

Our story-tellers will join us at the end to share their journeys with these images, to reflect on what these stories mean to us and the imaginative legacies they leave behind.

This event is bilingual (English and Bengali).

Aug 28, 2020 07:00 PM in INDIA.

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About the story-teller:

Nisha Abdulla: Nisha Abdulla is a theatremaker and storyteller based out of Bangalore. She consistently works with and makes work for children as Artistic Director of the theatre collective Qabila, and Ever After Learning (an organisation that builds story-based learning interventions).

Santanil Ganguly: Santanil Ganguly is one of the founding members of the Kolkata-based Jhalapala Theatre Group. Santanil has regaled audiences of all ages, with his storytelling and performed at various events including Bookaroo Children’s Literature Festival. He has also performed storytelling sessions at the Indian Museum & Victoria Memorial Hall, as part of events curated by ThinkArts.

Arna Seal: Arna Seal is a sociologist, teacher-educator, child rights and cultural activist, lyricist, author and story-teller. She is the co-founder and director of BONDHU, life-skills and creative learning center and Kelaza Live online learning platform.
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  • August 28, 2020 7:00 pm   -   9:00 pm
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